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Storm Updates:

6:30 AM 12-10-2017

Crews restored over 300 meters overnight. As we mentioned in an earlier post, restoration takes longer at night than in the day. We expect all meters to be energized by tonight. It will be helpful if you again call in your outage to 1-866-672-9773.

9:00 PM 12-9-2017

WST Linemen, Chain Electric, Creel Brothers, Beauregard Electric Cooperative, from Deridder, LA, SLECA Cooperative from Houma, LA and others have worked tirelessly thus far to restore your power. They have made really good progress and will continue to do so. Our estimated time for full restoration is still Sunday evening. We realize this is not a pleasant thought for those members who will have another night or partial night in this cold weather. We appreciate your patience and assure you that we will work until all power is restored.

11:30 AM 12-9-2017

System wide, WST Electric has less than 1800 meters still affected by the snow storm. Substations affected are Angie, Bolivar, Clifton, East Ford, Enon, Folsom, Hackley, Husser, Isabel, Savannah Branch, Springhill, Stateline, Stoney Point and Sun. We have crews working at each one of these substations. 
With this type of storm the number of single outages is extremely high. Whereas a crew can spend time clearing trees, limbs and possibly reinstalling the conductors onto the poles or even the poles themselves, may restore hundreds of meters, the same amount of time and work may only restore a single home. This makes determining a possible restoration time, system wide, extremely difficult. 
At this time I feel as the hours pass today a vast majority of meters will be restored but the reality is that there could be some members that may not receive power until tomorrow. This is a worst case scenario but I fell it necessary to be as honest with our members as possible.
This major storm has not only affected WST Electric but every electric cooperative, investor owned and municipality in Louisiana and Mississippi. WST linemen will continue to work around the clock to restore your power. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers and understand that they are working extremely long, hard hours in an extremely hazardous job.

Mike Stafford
Operations Manager
WST Electric

WST Electric outage telephone number update:

We apologize for the telephone inconveniences you have experienced. We are aware that there was a problem with our telecom carriers on our toll free outage telephone number. We have worked with all carriers and this issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

6:00 AM 12-9-2017

My Fellow Members,
As you are very aware Southeast Louisiana was hit by an unbelievable Snow Event yesterday. Your WST Linemen and others worked throughout the night to attempt to restore power. We expect this process to go much faster with the impending daylight. We ask that if you are still experiencing an outage to call our outage line at 1-866-672-9773 or download the Smarthub app (see previous post). Any information that you can give the call center personnel regarding lines down, tree on line, etc. would be very helpful.
We realize that it has been a very tough night for alot of you as it has been for your dedicated linemen. Please be patient with them as they work to restore your power.

Mike Stafford
Operations Manager
WST Electric

2:30 PM 12-8-2017

WST Linemen and our contractors have been fighting the elements to restore power all over our system since the first outages began before daylight this morning. The hardest issue to overcome has been the fact that the crews clear the lines and pick up the conductors and restore power and then another tree or limb falls due to the weight of the snow and the line is out again. It seems that as of this writing the snow has begun to dissipate therefore, when restored, your power should stay on. We have also had numerous vehicle accidents that have broken utility poles causing outages. Please do not get on the road unless it is an emergency. Our linemen, contractors and help from other Co-ops in the state will continue working until all power is restored. At this time a full restoration time for all outages is not known, but it is possible that we could experience outages throughout the night.

Mike Stafford
Operations Manager
WST Electric


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